In this week’s episode of At Your End Step, the team looks at all the playable cards from Journey into Nyx and discusses where they see these cards fitting into the system.  Check out the entire spoiler just in time for prerelease weekend over at!
After reviewing the Team Trios Sealed event that took place at Empire Cards this past Saturday, the team dives into Journey into Nyx information!  Spoiler season has officially begun, and At Your End Step takes a look at some of the awesome new mechanics in this set and takes a look at some of the new spoiled cards!  You can check out the complete spoiler list at  What cards fit into current standard decks, and can we foresee the play-ability of any of these cards in current standard archetypes?

SCG Milwaukee happened this past weekend and Mono Black won!  Oh yeah...nothing new!  Mono Black also took down Grand Prix Phoenix, so literally nothing new happened this past weekend in the world of standard.  The team also checks out some hot legacy action as they evaluate the results from the SCG Legacy Open that also took place in Milwaukee!  Congratulations to Eric Rill of Cincinnati, Ohio for taking down the open with 4 Color Delver.  In this week's "Deck Check", the team looks at this 4 Color Delver list and explores this creative take on Delver.

In this week's "Question of the Week", Morgan, Mike, and Jordan explore the reasons for the staleness in Standard as of late.  Is it, as Michael Jacobs would say, the fault of a weak set in Born of the Gods, or is it, as Brian Kibler would argue, the fault of the strength of Mutavault and Thoughtseize?
In this weeks episode of At Your End Step, the team looks over some community news such as the lore for Journey into Nyx being released!  Additionally, Wizards released some interesting Speed vs. Cunning duel deck that is pretty interesting.  We get to hear the thoughts of At Your End Step's hosts on that.

A lot of relevant competitive Magic was played this past weekend including the Starcity Games Invitational, and Grand Prix Beijing.  Oh yeah, the MOCS happened at some point too.  Examining these tournaments a little bit further, the team breaks down Derrick Sheets B/R Devotion list and Yuyu Watanabe's decklist.  Dat Staff of Deathmagus doe...

And lastly, as a fun allude to recent Magic tweets, the team shares their favorite MTG related stories.  What are some of your favorites?  Use the hashtag #mtgstories and follow @atyourendstep to share!
In this week's episode of At Your End Step, the crew, minus Jordan and plus special guest Eric Griffin, takes a look at the results of Grand Prix Cincinnati that Mike and Morgan went to this past weekend.  After that, the team continues their standard foray and looks at SCG Los Angeles and evaluate how that looks forward to the invitational this coming weekend.

Limited discussion also takes place as Morgan discusses his dismay for constructed formats as the team looks at GP Vienna and talk about the PTQ sealed season.
In this episode of At Your End Step, the team takes a quick glance at the "Crackgate" scandal as it has developed since GP Richmond.  Each host gets his own minute to describe his take on the situation and it must be explicity stated that each person's opinion is his own entirely and does not reflect the opinion of any At Your End Step sponsors.

After quickly mentioning the recent community news, the team takes to discussing GP Montreal and looking at the limited environment.

GP Buenos Aires and SCG Open Seattle are prime bits of focus for this weeks discussion as Mike and Morgan prepare to head out to Grand Prix Cincinnati and battle for blood, guts, and glory.  What are the fellas playing down in the Natti?  What are their goals and what is their perception of the current metagame?
At GP Richmond the guys from At Your End Step had an awesome opportunity to hook up with notable people from the community and shoot the breeze with them!  We have interviews with Eric Froehlich, Luis Scott-Vargas, Eric Klug, and Brian Kibler!  Look for more of these interviews to come as the team gets out to more Grand Prix events and can bring you more exclusive content.  Check out the interviews below!

LSV and Eric Froehlich

Luis Scott-Vargas is a man who needs no introduction to the Magic: The Gathering community.  The recent hall of fame inductee, GP Champion, and Pro Tour commentator has captured the hearts of Magic players all around the world with his witty puns and cheerful heart.

Eric Froehlich is a pro player and writer for Channel Fireball, and when he's not winning big bucks at poker, he spends his time discussing various builds for different formats.

At Your End Step had the unique opportunity to interview these two fine gentleman and hear their thoughts about their goals in Magic as well as their opinions on various Magic: The Gathering related topics.

Eric Klug

Eric Klug is one of Magic: The Gathering's most premier alteration specialists.  Eric says that he likes to "make the ugly cards pretty and the pretty cards more pretty."  If you need any work done for an alter or perhaps need something done for your cube, Klug is the man to go to.  You can check him out on Facebook over at or on twitter @klugalters

Brian "The Dragon Master" Kibler

We conclude our GP Richmond media segment with an interview from The Dragon Master himself, Brian Kibler.  Also known as the champion of MODO reform and "The Most Handsome Man in Magic", Brian Kibler has achieved all there is to achieve in the game.  Kibler is a Hall of Fame inductee, two time Pro Tour Champion, and writer for  At Your End Step got to discuss his goals in the game, where he sees himself in this community, and much more in there sit down interview with him on Day 2 at Grand Prix Richmond.

In this two part episode of At Your End Step, the team flashes back to Grand Prix Detroit and brings you some action live from the car ride to Richmond, Virginia for the largest constructed Grand Prix of all time!  On the way down and over, the team + a special guest lay out their goals for the weekend and talk about all the fun and victory they hope to achieve while in one of the countries most historic cities.

The second half of the episode is taped on Monday morning, the day we took the long drive back to good ole’ C’bus.  Did the team meet their personal expectations?  Any good stories from Richmond?  The second half of the episode looks at the modern format and provides a look at where the format is headed.

At Your End Step is having “GP Richmond Week” and you can expect a ton of content from this week as we bring you our personal look at the largest 75 card event in the history of the greatest game ever played.

In case you missed the first installment of our Richmond Week, you can catch our deck tech with Josh McClain (GP Detroit winner and GP Richmond top 8 competitor) and Sam Pardee (MOCS champion and Grand Prix Portland winner) which is available here.

Stay tuned to and @atyourendstep for all competitive Magic: The Gathering podcast related necessities.

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Mike sits down with two of the best Melira Pod players in the world to talk about the deck and their latest takes before the start of Round 4 of Grand Prix Richmond.  Check out the video below for words of wisdom if you are thinking of picking up the deck before your next event!
In this week's episode of At Your End Step, the team takes a look back at the week that was and discuss the standard events they have been playing at in the central Ohio area.  Gameday happened and in this episode you can hear the stories of Born of the God's Gameday!

The crew looks at the Starcity Games Standard Top 8 lists and explores the resurgence of Esper and the continuing dominance of Domri Rade and his monsters!  In similar fashion, this episode covers GP Melbourne as the dreaded Mono Black strikes again and familiar decks like Esper and Mono Blue make appearances in the top 8 lists.

In case all of this wasn't enough, the team gives an outlook to GP Richmond.  What lists is everyone playing, what are the decks to beat, and how many people will ultimately show up?  This is already the largest constructed Grand Prix of all time, will it pass Grand Prix Las Vegas?
In this most recent episode of At Your End Step, the team catches up with you by reviewing their most recent excursions into the competitive Magic: The Gathering competitive scene.  You can hear how did the boys fair at their respective GPT's this weekend and reminisce in the stories of battle that they share.  Morgan and Mike participated in a Grand Prix Trial for GP Cincinnati and thus played the standard format while Jordan competed in a GPT for GP Detroit and played his beloved Tron deck.

Of course, any respectable podcast would not be complete without discussion regarding Pro Tour Born of the Gods complete with many glorious puns from Mr. Luis Scott Vargas himself during the top 8 coverage.  At Your End Step discusses some of the top 8 decks and provides an outlook on the Modern format as a whole.  PT Coverage is also discussed as the team continues to delve into how to making Magic more accessible to the new spectator and the experienced grinder.